Thursday, August 5

Midnight Snacks

Syd is growing crazy fast! Today she had two major leaps. (I don't know if that's a good thing for us.) The first happened while I was at work. We've been using a bouncy seat to keep her busy when we've got stuff to do like cleaning, eating, etc. Well, Jesse had set her in it, in front of the tv, and had gone upstairs to change so he could run some errands. We know she has been able to hold herself upright, and lean forward to get things on the floor around her. Sometimes she's leaned too far forward and bonked her head on the ground.

I want that sqeaky toy the doggies always play with!

Today though, she went a step further, and executed an escape plan! Jesse heard a thump downstairs, and waited for a cry, thinking she had bumped her head on the ground like usual. Nothing......still nothing.... weird.... maybe I should check on her? As he came down the stairs, he found her out of the bouncy seat, on the floor, and attempting to get away!

I got this far, and now my foot is stuck!

Now for what happened tonight. Jesse went in to work early tonight for an extra shift. It was about Sydney's bed time so I took her upstairs to her room and set her on the ground to roll around and play until she was tired enough to put her to bed easier. After watching her play for a bit I decided I would go change out of my work clothes and plug in my dying phone. I couldn't have been gone from her room for more than 2 minutes when I saw this.....
I see you Mommy!!!
I'm coming!
Oooh, mommy and daddy's room!
Gotta take a break for a minute. That was a long trip!
I found you mommy! PICK ME UP!!!!
Rewarded with cuddle loves :)

Silly kid. I just sat on my bed and watched her chat and army crawl all the way into the bedroom. I think we are in a lot of trouble with this one!

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Lisa said...

OK - that is SOOOO cute and hilarious!!! I LOVE that stage... except for all the baby proofing the follows. good luck!