Monday, August 2

Therapy Dogs

For a while now I've been thinking about training a therapy dog. I took a flying leap and thought if we got a pit bull young enough we could train him to be a therapy dog, simultainiously getting a good name out for that breed. Gizmo was that attempt, but that obviously didn't work out. At all.

We just got a golden lab today. She's 7 years old, pure bred, and almost white in color, which I love. She's amazing so far. I haven't heard anything out of her yet. No grunts, no barks, nothing. The family that gave her to us, free I might add, had gotten her years ago as a therapy dog for their boy with downs syndrome. Recently though, he has been trying to mimick they family and has been taking her out for a walk on his own. They live on a VERY busy street. (4100 S. 4200 W. for those of you who know where that is.) He has been rescued from the street mulitple times while trying to get the dog that has wandered towards traffic. In the end, they just can't keep her and risk having their boy get hit by a car.

It's not going to take too much more work to get her certified as an actual therapy dog. She's very docile, very friendly. Doesn't jump up on anyone, just comes up to you and sits, waiting to be pet. It's perfect!

My one and only complaint for this dog is her name.... Lady Bug?!? That's why you don't let your kids name the dog. Even Lady, for short, isn't going to fly with me. So not a fan of the name in any way. So the hardest thing we have to deal with is coming up with a new name. That shouldn't be too hard, right? 10 hours later she's still nameless.... I'll sleep on it.

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