Sunday, July 25

There's a first time for everything...

Lately Sydney has been progressing at a breakneck speed. She's trying and doing so many new things that it's hard to keep track! Here's just a few examples of what has happened in the last few weeks...
Learned how to get up on her hands and knees. She'll be crawling soon!
Figured out how to pull her books down.
Ate some corn-on-the-cob with Grandma. Well, licked it mostly.
Decided she likes pickles.
Decided she likes ice cream even more.
Rode in a shopping cart without her carseat, and LOVED it!

Took a bath without her infant tub. (How nice of her to keep herself decent so I could take a picture!)

It's hard to believe she's only 7 1/2 months! I thought I'd have more time before we had to baby proof the place. Everyone keeps telling me she's just like me when I was her age. I guess what goes around comes around. I hope Kalia survives.... she was a terror as a kid!!!


Lisa said...

AWESOME! She is getting so big! And I LOVE the picture of her in the shopping cart - so stinkin cute!

Adam and Kym said...

She is really cute! They grow up too fast!!