Monday, July 19

Bye Gizmo

I've had it with my pit bull. We're taking him to the Humane Society today for another family to find him. I've been tolerant of his barking, bullying S'mores, jumping on people, and even chewing a few things, until that moved to walls, furniture, and blankets. His list of destruction has included my baby blanket from my grandma, Jesse's recliner from his grandpa (who has since passed away), my couch, coffee table, carpet, rug, and the list goes on.

I was hoping we could break him of the habit because pit bulls have a tendancy to chew and I knew that going into this, but it's just getting worse. It doesn't even matter if he has 5 chew toys and a few rawhides right next next to him, he'll still grab the remote. I then thought, maybe it's just anxiety? No, he's just a chewer, and we can't have that at our new place. We barely talked our landlord into letting us bring him in the first place. Her biggest concern? Chewing the walls. Seriously. So that was the final straw. Hopefully he goes to a family that can figure out his trick. Good luck Gizzers.

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