Wednesday, July 21

Midnight Snacks

(This will be a little series of sorts for Sydney's funny antics at night.)

Sydney does the funniest things while she's sleeping. Here's a quick example...

I like to check on her before I go to bed to make sure she's doesn't have her arm or leg sticking out of the crib. (She likes to do that a lot for fun.) Last night when I checked on her I had the hardest time not laughing out loud and waking her up. I went and got Jesse so he could see her, too.

She usually doesn't sleep with a blanket because it's too hot in her room, but every so often we find her wrapped up in her blanket, by her own doing. Last night was one of those nights.

Well I didn't want to leave her stuck in the corner with her head against the rail so I asked Jesse if he thought he might be able to mover her without waking her up. I wish I had a picture of what happened next! He pulled the blanket down and started to slide her toward the middle of the crib. She startled a little and latched onto her stuffed monkey she was cuddled up next to. Of course, monkey went sliding with her as she did a reverse Superman across the crib. So funny!

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Lisa said...

HILARIOUS!!! That is a super funny picture and great story!