Tuesday, July 20

On blogging...

I wasn't expecting this, but I find myself thinking throughout the day of what I can blog about. Weird! I'm sure after a few weeks the novelty of it all will wear off and I'll get behind on it like everyone else seems to do. I do find it kind of fun though!

I got an e-mail from Kalia today that I'm totally stoked about. She is on her mission in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Spanish speaking). I miss her tons, along with Shan, who is in Portugal. Neither have met Sydney yet. Shan left 4 days after Jesse and I were married. I barely got back from my honeymoon in time to say good-bye to him. Kalia followed about 3 months later. (3 weeks after Amren got home from Poland.) Talk about a busy summer!!! Neither Kalia or Shan have met Sydney yet, which I still get bugged about from time-to-time. She'll be just over a year old when they get back.


Before I went off on something completely random, I had a point.


Kidding ;)

So the e-mail... Kalia just announced that although she is on a Spanish speaking mission, and she only has about 6 months left, they have decided to put her into the ASL program. (Sign Language for my non-thinkers out there lol.) I'm way super excited because that is one thing I can relate to.I have taken ASL in high school and college, and although I may have forgotten a lot of it, I do still remember plenty. She'll be speaking my language, yay! I'm planning on spending the next few months refreshing my memory so I can surprise her when she walks off that plane. (She doesn't know anything of my diabolical plan... MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!)

This should be fun!


Lisa said...

Love the shiny object... definitely how I think too. And congrats to Kalia!! What a fun change!

The Aug Side said...

Sounds like..(squirrel!) ....fun :)