Thursday, July 15

Where to begin?

I've debated over this for about a year now, and I finally decided to give in. I don't usually like to write things about myself or what I'm thinking. I've never been good about keeping a journal or anything like it. I prefer to keep a visual journal of my life with pictures and videos, but having a blog will hopefully help me to get better about writing stuff down.

I came to this decision after following a blog of a family that had their little girl suffer from a near drowning and is now at Primary Children's watching her fight for her life. The love and support people are giving them from literally all over the world is amazing. I find myself checking it multiple times a day for an update as to how she is doing. She's a fighter. Check out the blog if you get the chance at

This blog will give me the chance to keep family and friends update on day-to-day life easily and more personally than I could do on Facebook or MySpace. Hopefully I can keep up on it!

Ok, here it goes...

We are still working on unpacking in our new place. We just recently moved into a town home. I gotta say, I love all the space! Having a yard is great for the dogs to run around in, especially for Gizmo. He's a pure bred pitt bull puppy, about 7 months old. Talk about energy! He's loving it and I think S'mores is enjoying having a break with him always wanting to chase her around the house. It will be nice for Sydney as well when she finally starts walking. I don't think we will have long to wait for that. She's ready to move and get into things!

We are still waiting for our pool key, but until then I pulled out the little blow up pool and filled it up in the backyard for Sydney to play in. She absolutely loved it! She splashed and rolled around and smiled and laughed the whole time. (The dogs thought it was a giant water bowl so they benefited as well.) She's going to be an active kid.

As for Jesse and I, we couldn't be happier. He just recently started back at Peak Alarm doing security patrol up on Park City. It's a grave shift so I don't see him as much, but it makes the times I do spend with Jesse a lot more meanningful. It's a great job with a lot of advancement opportunities in the future. Things are looking like they are finally heading in a good direction for us. Sydney is keeping us pretty busy, she's changing day by day and showing a lot of advancement. She's always smiling and laughing and very healthy. We couldn't be happier with our small but healthy family.


Adam, Lyrissa and Parker Walker said...

Yay! Can't wait to see and read about all your adventures :)

Lisa said...

I love your stories! Awesome! And so excited for your blog!

The Aug Side said...

Yay!! I love blogs! They are so much better for my family to keep up with us since they don't all have facebook. Plus, I just think it's nicer. I print our blog and put it in a binder as a family journal-it's a great way to keep a journal!

Andelin Family said...

Oh that's a great idea! Now I just need a printer... Lol