Monday, July 19

Peace and quiet at last!!!

Gizmo has been gone for about 3 hours now. I can't believe the difference already. I loved that dog, but he just wasn't right for our family. I hadn't realized until now how withdrawn S'mores had become. We've thrown away ALL her toys because Gizmo had destroyed them (go figure) and hadn't bought her any new ones. She was never able to have a rawhide of her own because he was always chasing her down and stealing them, and we had given up on the whole treat idea (same problem). I could never really play with her, or throw toys around for her to chase since every time I did Gizmo would literally body check her into a wall so she couldn't get to the toy first. It had become too dangerous to have them playing together so we just didn't play anymore. But, since he's been gone, she's been running EVERYWHERE!!! Kinda like a freedom victory dance, ha ha! She's also been taking advantage of being able to stretch out on the couch again. I haven't seen her like this for a few months now and it makes me happy she can have her space again. I'll miss him, but definitely not his bad behavior. He has a lot of good potential. I'm sure he'll be happy with the right family. We still want a second dog, but I'm thinking maybe a small one this time. It won't happen for a while, but eventually we'll start looking again.

The one good thing we can take from this whole experience is that S'mores has finally learned how to play with other dogs. She was never ok with anything on 4 legs before, but they got to be pretty decent friends I think.

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