Wednesday, December 8

Playing Catch Up

I've gotten lazy with my posting. Who doesn't though? Syd is learning how to keep herself entertained for the most part so my job has turned into keeping her out of the dog's water bowl. She likes to dip her feet in the water. Socks and all. She thinks it's a game. She'll reach her hand toward the water and wait for me to say something. Of course I oblige and say, "Sydney.... no, no. Yucky." And as I stand up and start walking toward her she sqeals and tries to run away. (Yeah, she's walking now.) Since she's new to this whole walking thing she can only take a few running steps before she stumbles and falls to her hands and knees and starts crawling as fast as she can, giggling the whole time because she knows that at any moment I'm about to pick her up and tickle her. And as if that's not cute enough on it's own, she's starting to talk. Mostly just the infant ramblings that make you smile, until she sees her doggies. Yup, her first word is doggy. She loves those two furry mutts.

The other day my cousin's kid had a dance concert at her high school. We didn't plan on staying long so I didn't bother with finding a babysitter. Sydney loves music anyway. It was the best dance concert I've been to, and not because of the performers. She danced to every song. It was like she couldn't stop herself! Even when she was so tired she was starting to fall asleep. She would suddenly sit up and start rocking to the music again, then rest her head back on my shoulder for about 30 seconds before doing it again. (I managed to get some video of her dancing and as soon as I can upload it from my phone I'll post it.)

Here are a few photos from the last month or so.

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Lisa said...

OK - LOVE the pictures. And the story of her dancing? HYSTERICAL! I love it when they do that kind of stuff! :)