Tuesday, May 17

So... I totally forgot I had a blog! Now I have a TON to catch up on. Or I can just start from where we are now. That might be easiest.

Syd is 17 months now. She is talking and signing like a pro. She loves to draw and play outside with her dogs. She's been very healthy and growing like a weed, as all kids do. I could spend all day talking about everything that has changed in the last few months, but I honestly just don't care to write that much! So instead I will pull up a few pictures and start new tomorrow. (Let's be honest... probably won't start new for a week or more!)

Among the other changes is Juno. We loved her a ton, but with a couple contributing factors we decided to find her a new home. I put her up on KSL and waited for the calls... that didn't come. Nobody was interested in an 8 year old lab. But I kept up on the posting to give her a chance. There was no way I would take her to a shelter. I wanted to make sure she went to a good home. Right when we were going to give up hope I got a text. She was a single mom of 4 that had just lost their dog. She was desperately looking for a new companion for herself and her kids. I told her to bring the kids over to meet Juno. It was awesome. The moment the kids (ages 6-12) walked in the door she was hopping like a rabbit! It was a love at first sight type of thing. She left with them and never looked back.

The mom text me the other day and wanted to let me know how good she was doing and how much they loved her. Her 6 year old boy even told her that he loves Juno as much as he loves her. (How cute!) She also lets Juno lay next to her in bed at night, takes her for walks, and gives her so much attention. It's kinda like she was meant to end up there.

Mommy, I will cwean up after da doggy!
I wuv my mamma!
Hewwooo??? I would wike my massage now peese.


Adam, Lyrissa and Parker Walker said...

So glad you finally updated!!! Looks like all is well. Adam and I are expecting walker baby #2 (our last child for sure!) Parker is 3 and so funny. Life is pretty great.

Lisa said...

How cute!!! Love the pictures!