Tuesday, December 27

Merry Christmas honey, I'm pregnant!

The week prior to Christmas was pretty devestating. That's when we found out that the manager in charge of the sales company Jesse worked for had taken all his paperwork out of the office and had been changing the information before turning it into the corporate offices. Long story short.... the $2,500 that he had made in sales since starting will never be seen by us because it was being deposited into the manager's account. The scramble for a new job started and I was sick to my stomach... I thought with anxiety. Luckily Jesse has about 16 years of experience in security and landed a job immediately, paying better than he was making as a supervisor at the last security job by about $4 and hour. Still nothing like what he was supposed to be making at this other job, and now we have a lot to make up for, but that stress was gone. However, that sick feeling didn't quite leave.

For Christmas Eve morning my dad had decided he wanted to take the family out to breakfast at IHOP to "kick off the Christmas festivities. You know, like football." (I don't think he has ever watched football.) I already had a feeling what was going on so I had snuck to the store a few days before and gotten a few items, just in case I was right. That morning I got up before Jesse and took a test. Positive! Now my scheming mind was going. I quickly text Kalia and told her what was going on and that I needed her help with recording this announcement.

We all arrived at IHOP and sat down to order. Syd had a little sore on her hand and wanted a bandaid. My mom had one in her purse and put it on her hand. Fortunately, for my plan, Syd wanted a bandaid for her other hand so they matched. (Kids...) I always keep my pack for work in my car, and since I'm a professional bandaid hander-outer, I went to get another one for her. Jesse was oblivious.

When I came back I had the bandaid for Syd and a gift bag for Jesse. He was totally confused, especially since I had told him that morning that the gift bag was for my aunt. I told him it was his Christmas present and to open it. He opened the bag and smiled, then looked at me and asked "Really? Really?" In the bag was 2 onsies, a bottle and a pacifier. It was perfect. Merry Christmas honey, your present will be here in 9 months!


Lisa said...

How awesome!!! I LOVE IT! Congratulations! We so need to get together soon!

The Andelin's said...

I was just thinking about that the other day. If we can ever catch up with bills after this job thing I'd like to come up. Unless you plan on coming down here anytime soon? lol