Sunday, April 8

Hi Daddy!

Jesse asked me to update the blog and talk about Rylie. I told him I didn't know what to write, so he e-mailed this to me as a suggestion. Thought it would be something worth sharing.

On St Patty's Day we had an appointment to find out what our baby will be. We invited the family to come. We had almost everyone there. The ultrasound tech came in looked and said there are 3 lines, meaning its a girl. Rylie Ann Andelin will be here around September 3rd, and we are all excited. About a week ago I had my head on Jo's belly. Rylie didn't like being laid on and kicked me, which is when felt her for the first time. Sydney is excited to have a little sister and wants to help take care of Rylie. We have a picture from the ultrasound on the fridge and Syd walks over to it and says "Kiss baby", so we have to pick her up so she can kiss the picture of her sister. Jo is 5 months along and Rylie is a mover. Sometimes I swear she is dancing.

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Lisa Thomas said...

That is so cute!!! I Love your post! And what an adorable name. Congrats in advance friend!